Baltic Amber is a surviving witness of the ancient history of the Earth. It is an amazing creation of nature, which attracted people with its beauty and mystery even in ancient times. Glorified in songs, covered with legends, popularized by poets and scientists, it is still intriguing people. Especially those who are trying to go to the heart of its matter and understand its secrets. The stamped beads made of amber or its imitation have only an external resemblance to that pine resin that flowed 50 million years ago and acquired the peculiar forms, creating a strong energy field and enchanting with its beauty.

the Baltic amber is the one having no admixtures of heavy metals

At the present time, more than 250 types of amber are known in the world, and every year the new ones are discovered. However, the Baltic amber is the one having no admixtures of heavy metals, so it is the most suitable for using in medicine and cosmetics. 80% of the world amber is found in the Baltic Sea region. Today, one hundred natural occurrences of amber are known, and the majority of them is located in the Baltic Sea. Moreover, the Baltic amber is considered to be of a very good quality, as it can be processed easily.

The Baltic amber is stronger

It is stronger, because it is formed of the resin of coniferous trees, while the amber from other regions is fragile, because it is formed of the resin of deciduous trees.

When contacting with the skin, the amber accumulates electrostatic charge, and its oxidized surface contains a maximum amount of the amber acid. Being a bio-stimulator, the amber acid has a perfect influence on all vital organs of a human body. In other words, the stone of amber penetrates into the human body and nourishes it, cures it.
Not only Lithuanians are proud of amber and the products thereof. However, it is the Lithuanian amber that is the oldest one and is called the Lithuanian gold.

Baltic amber products

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